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DEFENDING THE MALAY BARRIER : 1941-1942 : Wargames campaign for ALL naval rules


    "- The ABDA Campaign is a historical naval campaign of the first months of World War II in the Pacific, specifically in the area of the Southern Philippines and Netherlands East Indies (NEI). While designed for GQ 3.3, it can be used with any World War II naval miniatures rules. In cases where direct references to GQ 3.3 are made, players using other rules will need to translate those references to the other rule system being employed. Recreate the 1941 - 1942 Japanese campaign for the conquest and the Allied ABDA Command's defense of the Malay Barrier Accurate Orders of Battle adaptable to any naval game system Mapless search method that requires no plotting Tactical battles generated by unique decision tree method Maximum replayability provides new challenges every time Options for Force Z, Dutch Battlecruisers and more"

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