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Swann, Colwell & Blake, 64p large format very well illustrated in colour paperback. 2nd Supplement to the TALES... Universal pulp rules. This new supplement expands Tales of Derring Do to cover the world of steam powered science and the type of adventures found in the Penny Dreadfuls and Scientific Romances. It provides new skills and characters as well as new settings and other worlds for players to explore. In addition, there are a number of new adventures to experience. As with the main rules, this is for one on one skirmishes is scale and figure agnostic. All you need to play these adventures are a pack of ordinary playing cards, some 10 sided dice, a few figures and your imagination.


Stargrave: Dead or Alive

A Stargrave supplement devoted to generating and running solo scenarios in which players hunt bounties across the Ravaged Galaxy… or perhaps become hunted themselves! With the random scenario generators in this volume, players can set up a great number of games of Stargrave with no two being the same… all without an opponent!


Twilight of the Emperor: Wargame Rules for European Battle in the Age of Napoleon: 1800 - 1815

Dorrell, Nick. Napoleonic version of this popular mass battle set of rule (for French edition see Crépuscule de l'Empereur – Règle de Jeu.


ARENA OF BLOOD: Roman Gladiatorial Rules

Be the proud owner of a gladiator school with a stable of gladiators, all with different fighting techniques and abilities. Careful use of your fighters is crucial. Each gladiator has strengths and weaknesses. Matches are quick -- you can play a whole tournament in an evening. Note: rules require you to supply several six-sided dice, an ordinary deck of playing cards, a measuring tape, and miniatures of your favorite gladiators. For 2 to 8 players, scale of 6 mm to 54 mm, and a player controls four to eight miniatures. From the makers of Fistful of Lead (but with a new system)


WELCOME TO DYSTOPIA CITY: Fast play skirmish rules for near future urban warfare

Bollands, Wayne. -72p. Large format all colour pbk. These rules explore the day-to-day reality of living in a city surrounded by ruins, where humanity is packed together like the lowest beasts but those with the wealth can find more space than others. Points/Equipment based skirmish level game. Suitable for any scale Detailed background to Dystopian City but can be used for any setting



Shipping now. Sixteen of the most important battles from Austerlitz to Waterloo . A wide range of opponents and tactical situations - Balanced scenarios in which any result is possible= Fast-moving games with challenging command decisions= The opportunity to fight iconic battles to the finish in a single evening



Fantasy Solitaire Miniature Wargame with RPG level progression. Mint hardback. Solo and Co-op fantasy skirmish rules. scale agnostic. Includes army lists and scenarios. from the same publishers as FIVE PARSECS.


V FOR VICTORY : WWII Skirmish rules

30 figures a side, 2-4 players. Contains 10 scenarios for two players, and one team scenario for four players. Includes orders of battle for 1944-45 covering the major powers (Germany, Great Britain and the Commonwealth, the Soviet Union, and the United States of America) as well as resistance fighters and partisans



Theme: Weapons in Wargames. Hitting the Beaches - Commemorating the D-Day Landings. Rukus Campaigns - Full rules and two new scenarios. Salute 2024 Show Report and plenty more.


Five Parsecs From Home Compendium - Bug Hunt

Mint hardback Latest in this excellent SOLO SF wargame rules series. The Five Parsecs From Home Compendium gives you all three expansions for Five Parsecs From Home collected into a single print volume for the first time, along with the fully updated standalone game Bug Hunt. The new edition of Bug Hunt includes all the mechanics from the original, updated to fit into the core game rules. This includes features like alien spawn points, alien sub types like the spitter and screamer and alien leaders like the driver or lancer. With 6 sub-types, 6 leader types and 16 alien species to fight, there is a lot of scope for players who enjoy painting, building and converting cool miniatures.



Includes Army lists for German, British, and American forces in Normandy, including Armoured, Mechanised, Infantry, and Airborne forces, as well as specialised forces like Commandos and Rangers. Detailed unit histories to inspire your next projects. Missions and Scenarios allowing you to recreate the airborne landings, Beach Landings, and fighting in the Bocage.


Chain of Command :FAR EAST HANDBOOK

To fat Lardies. A comprehensive coverage of the campaigns in Malaya, Hong Kong, Burma and the Dutch East Indies. Included is an historical overview of the campaigns, as well as whole raft of new rules to cover the events and terrain in the Far Eastern Theatre. Includes nearly fifty individual army lists with support lists for each one.



Esposito & Cairns, Hardback uniform book and the wargamers' guide. Armies of the Carlist Wars has illustrations on nearly every page, mostly in colour. Detailed description of the armies, their uniforms and equipment. A Savage and Romantic War gives the wargamer all the information needed to play games set in Spain in these tumultuous seven years, and to make and paint the armies that fought.


Brothers in Armour : Rapid Fire extra supplement

Inspired by James Hollands 'Brothers in Arms', this is a 40 page, fully illustrated A5 booklet providing four scenarios for actions involving the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry tank regiment in 1944. From D-Day to the Siegfried Line, follow the SRY as they take on Atlantic Wall defenders, SS panzers in Normandy, Jagdpanthers and Luftwaffe infantry on the Belgium border and support US troops as they assault the German West Wall. Reflecting the diversity of this elite tank units battles across western Europe the scenarios have been developed with James Hollands permission and the support of Steve Cox, curator of the SRY Museum. Designed to be played using our Reloaded and Reloaded Extra rules (or RF2 if players prefer) they include historical backgrounds, full graphic orbats, battle maps and special rules.



Blood & Crowns Rulebook 1 Token Set 1 Unit Card Deck 1 Activation Deck Recreate the countless skirmishes, raids, sallies, acts of piracy and all manner of small-scale engagements that hide in the shadows of history between battles such as Crecy, Poitiers, Najera, Agincourt and Castillion. It is not a game with hordes of faceless masses, but of individual warriors that puts players in the armor of the combatants at the level of fighting where personal combat was the most visceral



large format exceptionally well ill in colour hardback. Covers the Late C17th and the Golden Age of Piracy. Featuring new units and factions with a focus on active powers during the second French & Indian War, also known as Queen Annes War. You can find mixed European and Native American raiding parties, the last wave of buccaneers, regular army units, and PLENTY of pirates.


HYPERSPACE HACK: Ultrafast Spaceship Fleet Battles with Miniatures

Lockwood, Russ. Large format pbk. 2-20 players, dozens of space ships per player!!! D10 based Campaign and 3-player rules. One-page Quick Reference Sheet. Crew quality rating system from raw to elite, with rules for ramming, boarding, etc.


Battle of the Bulge : December 1944 The Forgotten Battles

Heath, Peter, for WAR TO THE GROUND But useful for ,most rules. With 19 detailed scenarios, covering the actions from 16th December on into the start of January 1945, with a section on the British part of what is often thought of as a purely American battle against the German offensive.


Dead Man's Hand Redux Rulebook (with card deck & markers)

This second edition is not a wholesale change from the original, nor is it a remake of a classic. You'll find fresh faction options, including the Texas Rangers, The Family, and Pioneers. Expended rules & a updated deck of cards.


Silver Bayonet: Egypt: Shadow of the Sphinx

Face dangerous new foes, recruit new soldiers, and uncover the mysterious treasures of Ancient Egypt in two new campaigns, one competitive and one for solo or cooperative play.


BelloLudi Vietnam!

BelloLudi. This ruleset simulates battles in the period of 1955 to roughly 1975, the age in which the worlds' nations fought various conflicts. The most famous being the Vietnam War. The rules will work for skirmishes in this conflict, but also in other conflicts in this period. They cover the Vietnam War, Israeli Arab conflicts and the various wars of decolonisation.



Hutton, G. 32p. Playing card based system to be used in conjunction with your favourite set of rules (surely General Brigade or Shadow of Eagles) Both sides field 7 brigades of differing size and integral artillery



Stallard , John & Drew, Robin. Mint paperback 2 vols in slip case. SPECIAL INTERNET ORDERS ONLY PRICE Talking Miniatures is an exciting book about the early years of Games Workshop and Citadel Miniatures. Written and compiled by former White Dwarf Editor and Design Studio Manager Robin Dews, and ex-Citadel & GW Sales Director, now Head of Warlord Games - John Stallard, the book consists of a series of lavishly illustrated conversations with some of the eclectic cast of designers, sculptors, artists, rebels and similar non-conformists who in the early 1980s gravitated towards Bryan Ansell and the early Citadel Miniatures team.


Frostgrave: Mortal Enemies

Shipping Now! This supplement for Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City presents rules for creating recurring villains in both competitive and solo campaigns. These characters are unique individuals who return over the course of a campaign to plague the players' wizards, gaining experience, recruiting allies, and becoming more deadly with each appearance. Against such threats, a wizard's base becomes as much hideout as headquarters, and an expanded range of options for enhancing bases is provided, as are rules for defending your own... and attacking those of your rivals!



Dave Brown. 112 pages in length with two A4 laminated playsheets, General dArmee 2 includes rules for using figures from 6mm to 28mm in size, details on organising your armies and getting them in the table. Two introductory scenarios are included to get you playing with the latest edition of these classic rules from the master of the big battlefield.


WARGAMING WORLD SOLO: Ancient to Modern Solo Wargaming

PARTIZAN PRESS Ward, Gregory. 80p. large format pbk. Designed for any scale of figures or period, with examples from 1066-1975. Uses a chart based system to play your "Opponent" giving a realistic yet unpredictable games.


VICTORY OR DEATH A Wargamers Guide to the American Revolution, 1775-1782

David C Bonk. 216p laree format pbk Images : 109 colour photos, 14 colour maps, 23 tables. This wargamers guide provides a comprehensive overview of the American War of Independence (or American Revolution), 1775-1782. The guide includes a series of maps showing the location of major battles by year with accompanying summaries of those battles and of the major campaigns of the war, and additionally it includes details of many lesser-known engagements. The book also provides information on, and organisations of not only American Continentals, French regular units and British regular units but also on American militia, the British Armys German Auxiliaries, and the British provincial and loyalist units, and will thus enable wargamers to focus their efforts on specific campaigns or battles.


Achtung Panzer! Rulebook Warlord Games

Achtung Panzer! places you in command of a platoon of World War II tanks, armoured cars or assault guns as you clash with enemy's armour. This book contains all the rules you'll need to take your armoured force into battle along with a campaign system that allows your crew members to progress after each encounter and your tank to be upgraded to be more effective in the next battle.


BLOOD & CROWNS: Bundle Set

Hardback Rules & Unit Card Deck -Activation Card Deck -Tokens-This bundle contains all of the materials you need - a 28mm miniatures skirmish game that immerses you in late medieval Western Europe and the chaotic period known as the Hundred Years War. Recreate the countless skirmishes, raids, sallies, acts of piracy, and all manner of small-scale engagements with focus on individual warriors where personal combat was the most visceral.


SMALL DEADLY SPACE RULES : An American Civil War Battle Manual 2nd Edition

Fratt, S. OMM. large format 180p. pbk. in colour ACW rule set focuses on the psychological effect of battle through unit cohesion tracked via hidden 'dashboard.' Morale numbers and Cohesion colors on the dashboard fall with combat defeats and fatigue, and rise with Division Staff Officers' rallies.


For King and Parliament : Celtic Fringe extra rules book

This short 26-page book is designed for use alongside the TtS! For King and Parliament English Civil War rules and the Montrose "To Win or Lose it All" scenario book. It will also support two future scenario books in the same series, concerned with the Insurgency and Catholic Confederation in Ireland, and with Cromwell's campaigns in Ireland and Scotland.


For King and Parliament - Montrose To Win or Lose it All

This 90-page scenario book is designed for use with the TtS! For King and Parliament English Civil War rules and the Celtic Fringe extra rules, but could be adapted for use with other rule systems.


For King and Parliament - Celtic Fringe and Montrose Bundle

Includes both MontroseTo Win or Lose it All (a 90 page scenario book which contains nine free-standing scenarios covering the Marquis of Montrose's battles in Scotland in 1644-45) & Celtic Fringe extra rules book (a 26 page book is designed for use alongside the TtS! For King and Parliament English Civil War rules and the Montrose "To Win or Lose it All" scenario book. )



Swann, Chris; Blake, Mike; Colwell. Ian. A Bundle of both the Tales of Daring do rules and the new Space Terrors Aliens & Robots. A complete set for all your Sci-fi pulp needs.



Swann, Blake & Colwill. Sci-Fi Characters And Tales In Adventurous Locations. 80p. You will need the main Tales of Derring Do rules set. This expands the rules to cover the world of science fiction and space opera. It provides extra skills and generic characters as well as new settings for players to explore. There is also an additional QPS which summarises the new/extra rules from this supplement and can be used in conjunction with the QPS from Tales of Derring Do.


SETTING THE EAST ABLAZE- WARFARE IN THE BACK OF BEYOND 1917-1926 3rd and final edition !!

Extra rules, new Aviation ideas and a whole new set of photos


SHOT, STEEL & STONE 1660-1850 : The Bare Essentials: Rules For Wargaming The Horse & Musket Era In European And Colonial Settings

Hyde, Henry. This version of the rules has been fully updated and expanded with the collaboration of many wargamers over the course of ten years. It has been playtested in games both small and large, including huge, multi-player games in which armies numbering thousands of miniatures per side have clashed in 18th century pitched battles set in the author's Wars of the Faltenian Succession imagi-nations campaigns.


RENATIO ET GLORIAM: EUROPE'S RUIN - Army Lists for The Thirty Years War and British Civil Wars

Clarke, Hall & Harley. . The book contains 55 army lists and enables the gamer to create wargames armies for matched play and competitions. Starting in 1618 with the Catholic League, the covers the armies of the Thirty Years to the end of the British Civil Wars in the early 1650's.


RENATIO ET GLORIAM Miniature Battles Between 1494 and 1721 Fully Revised Second Edition

Clarke, Hall & Harley. SHIPPING NOW. Renatio et Gloriam is a set of tabletop miniature rules that allows you to fight large-scale battles from the Renaissance and Early Modern period. Covering warfare from the late Fifteenth Century up to the end of the Great Northern War in 1721, these rules allow you to field the armies of Cordoba, Turenne, or Marlborough.



Hargreaves, Mark. Large format all colour pbk. Uses 28mm examples but techniques also useful for 20 + 15mm Number 5 in the Partizan Press painting series, the most detailed shade by shade guides available. All troop types covered PLUS appendices on ECW & Continental Flags and coat colours By Dave Ryan. Includes the most comprehensive survey of ECW Coat colours available



Jon Sutherland, Large format full colour pbk 70p 25 scenarios, maps and orbats. Deigned for Jons rules but useful for any set. Mad Dogs & Englishmen have left the Indian sub-continent and strayed into even more distant, exotic and challenging lands.



Fantasy add on for this unique game system. Can be added to any of their period rules (Yes, even Modern!) or treated as a stand alone set. Note you will need their BIG BATTLE or SKIRMISH cards depending on what level you want to play, and the dice. All available from us


FORGOTTEN BATTLES : The Italian Campaign, March 1944 to May 1945. 'Dodging D Day'

For War on the Ground - This concluding volume provides 17 scenarios and detailed background to the events leading up to and beyond each, from platoon to reinforced battlegroup, with all that the wargamer and those interested in the period who may not be wargamers will find both fascinating and informative.



Latest in the PAINTING WAR series. Large format full. colour. This issue continues the line started years ago with the PW number 2 and 4, of Napoleonic armies. The issue has been written and painted by Juan Carlos Garcia Navarro, a magnificent painter of historical figures with a beautiful painting style.


FORGOTTEN BATTLES: , 1941, Operation Barbarossa, Volume 2; The Exploitation Battles

latest supplement for WAR ON THE GROUND rules. This book  covers the exploitation battles in July 1941, with the Russian defences collapsing, but the fight was still hard and terrible. There are 5 sections to the book, and these are The Encapsulation of Smolensk Closing in on Leningrad Beyond the Arctic Circle... Onwards to Murmansk The White K: Army Group South moves on Kiev Operation Munich With 19 Scenarios supporting the text, photos and maps the fighting is represented from the frozen arctic to the Romanian offensive in the south, designed for sets of rules that work from Platoon to reinforced battalion sized actions.


CHECK YOUR SIX : PINING FOR THE FJORDS : Check your 6 scenario for the invasion of Norway

The book provides three campaigns and 25 scenarios covering operation westbound Nord, the German invasion of Norway in the spring of 1940. The first 11 scenarios begin with each sides attempts to interdict enemy fleet units just prior to the invasion and continues until bomber command leaves Norway at the end of April to prepare for the battle of France. The next 6 scenarios cover the month of may and include a Stuka attack against HMS ark royal, the deployment of 46 squadron (hurricanes) and the second deployment of 263 squadron (gladiators). The book ends with 8 scenarios depicting the last aerial combats before the allied withdrawal from Norway, British attempts to get revenge upon KMS Scharnhorst for the sinking of HMS glorious, and one showing that an allied air presence over Norway would continue until liberation. Scenarios can be played as one-offs, linked as a mini-campaign, or joined as the whole campaign.



Expansion for WWI skirmish rule set Scouts Out! features new Raider lists for Americans, Russians, and Italians along with some updated rules and new units to the original British, German, Austrian, and French lists. Includes rules for gas and grenades, new Army lists, new Scenarios, how to paint section, and printable tokens and gaming aids.



Grant, Charless et al. 104 full colour pages of wargaming action : Samurai clan action: Bath tub Borodino: Hamburg 1945: St. Michel: The rise of the Hussars: Beyond The War Of The Worlds: Roman Encampment: Jacobite Wars: Plastic Fantastic: Fantasy In The Snow ETC ETC


Pike & Shotte Epic Battles: Montrose's Scottish Royalists Starter Army Warlord Games

PRE_ORDER PRICE - POST FREE WORLD WIDE. This boxed set contains: 3 regiments of 80 combined pike & musket (plastic) • 1 Scots Covenanter regiment of 80 combined pike & musket (plastic) • 1 Scots Covenanter frame gun (plastic) • 1 mounted Scots Covenanter battalia commander (plastic) • 5 dismounted Scots Dragoons (plastic) • 4 regiments of 40 Highland Clansmen (Warlord Resin) • 3 mounted battalia commanders (plastic) • 3 ensigns (plastic) • 20 harquebusier cavalry (plastic) • 8 commanded shot (plastic) • 4 Cuirassiers (plastic) • 2 mounted cornet (plastic) • 6 Dragoons (plastic) • 10 dismounted Dragoons (plastic) • 2 Saker medium guns (plastic) • 2 Falconet light guns (plastic) • The Marquis of Montrose (Warlord Resin) • 1 Mounted herald (Warlord Resin) • Alisdair Mac Colla and 2 bodyguards (Warlord Resin) • Plastic bases • Full-colour flag sheet. FOR POST FREE WORLD WIDE YOU MUST ORDER Through the WARLORD GAMES section of the figures part of the catalogue. Otherwise you will be charged postage. IF in the UK and wanting insured express postage then order through this WARGAMES RULES entry


Pike & Shotte Epic Battles: Scots Covenanters Starter Army. Warlord Games

Pre-Order- POST FREE WORLD WIDE.This boxed set contains: 12 Scots Covenanter regiments of 80 combined pike & musket (plastic)• 12 Scots Covenanter frame guns (plastic) • 12 mounted Scots Covenanter battalia commanders (plastic) • 24 Scots Lancers (plastic) • 24 Scots Dragoons (plastic) • 60 dismounted Scots Dragoons (plastic) • 3 mounted battalia commanders (plastic) • 3 ensigns (plastic) • 30 harquebusier cavalry (plastic) • 18 commanded shotte (plastic) • 6 Cuirassiers (plastic) • 3 mounted cornets (plastic) • 9 Dragoons (plastic) • 15 dismounted Dragoons (plastic) • 3 Saker medium guns (plastic) • 3 Falconet light guns (plastic) • Lord Leven (Warlord Resin) • Marquis of Argyll (Warlord Resin) • Calvinist Minister (Warlord Resin) • 9 casualty markers (Warlord Resin) • Plastic bases • Full-colour flag sheet. FOR POST FREE WORLD WIDE YOU MUST ORDER Through the WARLORD GAMES section of the figures part of the catalogue. Otherwise you will be charged postage. IF in the UK and wanting insured express postage then order through this WARGAMES RULES entry



latest supplement. Ash Barker. Explore a wild new frontier with solo, cooperative, and competitive scenarios and new soldiers, creatures, and equipment rooted in the history and folklore of Canada.



Supplement to the HB rules. Very useful for any set. 240 loose leaf pages. Covers Union & Confederate Armies' infantry, cavalry and artillery units. Lists of Federal, Confederate, State, and Irregular Regiments, and Cannons and Rifles used during the war. In all, there are over 2,500 Union and 1,900 Confederate Regiments, 2,500 Union and 780 Confederate General Listings, 40 Union and 20 Confederate Rifles, 180 Union and 230 Confederate Cannons, and 230 Union and 80 Confederate Ship classes listed in this book. Each regiment has its listed stats from the start of the war. Also included in the book are Notes and Special Rules that apply specifically to the War. Notes covering Stands in the Army Tables, Flying Artillery, and Legion Units and Special Rules covering Legion Units, Weapons Smoke, Grenades, Land Mines, and Observation Balloons.



Includes a detailed history of the campaign, featuring 44 scenarios, and army lists for Caesar's Roman Legions and the Helvetii, Belgae, Gaul, Germani and Briton tribes they fought.


Stargrave: Bold Endeavour

This supplement for Stargrave focuses on the ships that serve as the crews' transports, strategic headquarters, and homes, including new upgrades, a damage system, and rules for crew assignments such as piloting, gunnery, and navigation. New powers, soldiers, technology, and backgrounds for captains and first mates help reinforce crews, while rules for space encounters - dangerous, interesting, and potentially profitable incidents – and five new scenarios bring them face to face with strange alien species and other terrifying dangers in weird and wonderful locations, from unexplored planets to the depths of space. PRE ORDER PRICE



Osprey Game. Take command of Axis and Allied troops at the height of World War II in the first ever worker-placement wargame, brought to you by the designers of the Undaunted series. Components: 1 double-sided game board, 32 playing cards, 80+ wooden pieces, dice and tokens For 2 Players.


TEAM YANKEE - World War III: NATO Forces : ANZAC, Belgian, Canadian, Dutch and French Forces in World War III

Inside is background detials for Canadian Forces, French Armée de terre, the Netherlands 1. Korps, Australian and New Zealand ANZAC Brigade, and Belgian Land Forces. Three scenarios featuring World War III: NATO forces. Instructions on how to build: • Canadian Leopard 2, Leopard C1, or Cougar Armoured Squadrons, M113 or Grizzly Mechanized Companies and an Airborne Company, • French Leclerc or AMX-30 Escadron Blindé, AMX-10P Compagnie de Chasseurs, AMX-10 RC Escadron de Cavalerie, VBL Escadron d’Eclairage and VAB Compagnie d’Infanterie, • Dutch Leopard 2A5, Leopard 2, or Leopard 1 Tank Eskadron, Pantserinfanterie Compagnie and Verkennings Eskadron, • an Australian Leopard AS1 Armoured Squadron, M113 Mechanised Company, M113 or ASLAV Cavalry Squadrons and a NZ Scorpion Armoured Squadron, • or a Belgian Leopard 1 Tank Eskadron, AIFV-B Infanterie Companie and Verkennings Escadron. Three scenarios featuring World War III: NATO forces. A detailed painting guide.


Bolt Action - Campaign: Case Blue Supplement

This supplement for Bolt Action WWII wargame focuses on the Axis offensives through Eastern Ukraine and into the North Caucasus. This Campaign Book for Bolt Action contains new linked scenarios, rules, troop types, and Theatre Selectors, providing plenty of options for novice and veteran players alike.


SANDS OF SUDAN : Pete Gilders Legendary Colonial rules

Now printed in the UK Gilder & Pagano Latest edition, Includes card deck - The Sands of Sudan is a full-color rulebook with a tough, coated Quick Reference sheet, and a deck of 54 Random Event cards, as well as some blanks so that players can add their own twist upon their battles in the desert.



Gale Force Nine, This expansion brings the Sulaco's dropship crew to Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps cooperative survival game. Fly the friendly skies as you fight off alien stowaways while attempting to rescue the survivors of the disaster in the air processing plant. On the ground, the two crew members provide technical support for your Marines in Campaign missions and Bug Hunts, along with new pilot and quartermaster experience tracks. Meanwhile, the marines discover four new Alien variants, The Brute, Guard, Scout and Skulker, which add a new dimension to the Xenomorph hive's urge to absorb the occupants of Hadley's Hope.


MIGHT & MELEE : Medieval Fantasy Rules

This Stand alone rulebook can be used by itself for skirmishes between knightly retinues or barbarian warlords, but it is also the first book of three for using Fistful of Lead in a larger fantasy setting. The second book introduces magic, while the third brings in mythical monsters and the underground world they often inhabit.


TALES OF HORROR - BUNDLE- Supplement plus card deck

The rule book you need for supernatural wargaming. Whether you want to add just a bit of undead flavor to one of your favorite scenarios, or you crave a full cinematic horror skirmish - this is your tool box including; Traits; Weapons; Hordes of statted creatures , (Vampires, Werewolves, Monster Hunters etc)Scenarios



Sutherland, John 92p large format full colour pbk. 39 Scenarios, maps & Orbats plus bonus Boer War one involving NZ troops. Large scale skirmish games. Can be used for any sets of rules but obviously we want you to by MAD DOGS & ENGLISHMEN!


Flint and Feather - CONTACT. :- Rules for 28mm Skirmish Battle in the Age of European Contact with the New World.

This is a stand alone game system based on the Flint and Feather Rules. It adds Europeans to the Flint and Feather game system. You need the original Flint and Feather rules to add First Nations warriors to this game.There is rules in this book as well as cards needed to merge the two rule systems together.


WAR TRANSFORMED: WWI on the Doggerland Front: A Wargame -

A War Transformed is a skirmish wargame set in a world where World War I was utterly changed by forces far beyond human comprehension. Players command small forces of infantry, cavalry, artillery, and other... stranger... troops on the Doggerland Front. Fast-paced gameplay and a tense initiative bidding system are combined with authentic folk traditions and occult philosophies of the era - it is a game of rifle and relic, of bayonet and belief, of machine gun and magic.



Full colour paperback. Supplement to Fistful of Lead brings the Horse & Musket era, specifically the French & Indian War, to the Fistful tabletop. Take on the role of a Captain or War Leader, either leading a troop of brave soldiers, stalwart Rangers, terrified militia, or stealthy Natives. Included are 10 scenarios, special rules for the French and Indian War, and rules for building your forces.


OPFOR 1985-2030 2nd edition : Modern Divisional Combat supplement. 6mm-28mm

PANZER KORPS RULES VARIANT- You will need the rules. It covers most combat organizational configurations, weapons systems, and theaters of operation. Covers Airborne, Artillery, Armored formations, and more! Breaks down the command structures into their respective parts. Comprehensive vehicle lists, air support and 2 scenarios



Noe, K Large format loose leaf pack. for MP but can easily be used with other rules. Comprehensive entries for weapons, Organisation and equipment for all combatants and guide to troop types & that all important quality. MP rule s are 1:1 designed for 10mm-20mm


GREAT HALL BURNING: Viking Age Adventure

large format 80p illus. Allows you to adventure during the Viking Age, the period from the late 8th century to the mid-11th century. You start in command of one warband. If you succeed in battle and in your raids, you can raise your Social Standing and gather more men. As your Fame grows, you rise in rank until someday, you become King. Rules for small scale raids to large scale battles. Excellent SOLO PLAY



Grant, Charles S & Grant, Charles. 150p. Hardback . Illustrated inc colour. A personal reflection on the growth of wargaming, starting with Charles Grant's descriptions of Pre WWII gaming and then the Grant family's involvement in the hobby and the people they have known. A very personal, and at times light hearted look, at the names and games of modern wargaming


SENUSSI'S LITTLE MINIATURE WAR 1915-1917 : Setting the East Ablaze Supplement 4)

Giglio, Robert. 190p. large format full colour pbk . This substantial volume contains 15 scenarios, maps, orbats plus chapters on wargaming the German & Ottoman supported Arab campaign against the British and Italian forces. Full of the usual StEA eye candy


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