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Caliver Books Tutorial

Instructions For The Use of The Caliver Books Website.

Since the Caliver website has undergone total re-building, some of the new features may appear to be confusing or not readily apparent. With that in mind, This guide was written and will be expanded upon, as and when.

  1. Using the Cataloguing System
  2. Using the Shopping Cart
  3. Using the Custom Item Form
  4. Alternative Addresses

Known Issues:

Optimal Resolution: 1200x1024
Minimal Resolution: 1024x768
Firefox Version: 1.4+
Internet Explorer Version: 6+
Opera: Untested
Javascript: Essential

Please note that your browsers text size needs to be set to medium for correct veiwing of the fly-out menus

The above stats are the recommended for the smooth running of the new site. Many issues have been raised (such as the fly-out menus not working properly with the older versions of Firefox). In most cases these can be solved by downloading the latest versions of what ever browser you use.
Note: JavaScript must be enabled for this site to function. Many people disable javascript to avoid nuscience pop-ups.

Main Catalogue Search Page

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For 2nd hand titles please select this link and use the search tab there.

Caliver Contextual Search

This search engine will allow you to find books based relevent to the keywords you enter above.

Enclosing your search terms in " (quote marks) means that this phrase will be searched for literally (i.e. "Flames of War" will only find books with the phrase Flames of war present).

By placing a plus or minus ( + / - ) in front of a keyword, you can force the search to either include or filter out certain keywords
(ie. "+WWII -German" would search for all World War II books that are not about Germans).

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