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All the 2nd hand listed below are from the Collection. Probably about 4 more months worth at the going rate, so watch this space!
Sepoy in French Service from Crann Tara
We have recently added these lovely Sepoys to the India in the 18th century range. Available at £1.40 a figure.
Bolt Action Panzer Lehr Squad - 10 28mm Figures in Metal.
The Panzer Lehr Division (armoured training division) was built in 1943 from the veterans of the North Africa, Sicily and Italy campaigns. These highly experienced troops formed the core of this training and demonstration unit and as such was considered an elite formation from its inception.Our Price £17.00
THEIR INFANTRY AND GUNS WILL ASTONISH YOU : The Army of Hindustan and European Mercenaries in Maratha service 1780-1803
Copestake, Andy. 240p : 8 colour plates, 25 b/w ills, 2 maps, 6 tables Paperback. By the middle of the eighteenth century, the Mughal Empire in India was in serious decline. The rulers of the various breakaway successor states faced a major military problem. Their armies were being effortlessly scattered by much smaller forces of European led and trained troops. Their immediate answer was to buy in specialist help in the form of European mercenaries to train their own troops in the methods of the victorious British and French. Only £19.99
The Development of Cavalry in Western Europe, 1562-1700
Frederic Chauvire, 242p 85 b/w illustrations, 7 b/w maps, 5 diagrams. Analysis of what constitutes the principal combat action of heavy cavalry: the charge. Whilst centred on France, this study refers to the whole of Europe. The battlefields of the French Wars of Religion to the War of the Spanish Succession are examined in detail, along with the types of cavalry, their equipment and how they performed on the battlefield.Just £19.50
ENGLISH CIVIL WAR : SECRETS OF WARGAMES DESIGN, A Tabletop toolkit of Ideas, Analysis & Rule Mechanics
Simon, Wally 40p. Large format pbk. Volume 9 in this superb series. (See SECRETS OF.. in the wargames sections of the website). Includes very basic solo ECW rules. Only £16.50
In this issue you wil find, Technology during the American Civil War, The Battle of Ipsus 301 BC, Violence on Vectis, The Battle off Samar, The joy of asymmetric games: making fun scenarios, Painting Soviet camouflage in 15mm, 'Making versatile structures for arid settings
WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED 404 Inc free skirmish rules for any period
Duncan Macfarlane orbituary, free set of skirmish rules and plenty more in this issue. Only £5.25
WWI Trench Systems: Wargames Terrain and Buildings:
Douglas Hardy. Making terrain for wargamers. Building British, German and French trenches, as well as developments in defences through the phases of the war. Just £13.99

The list below includes some of the Duncan Macfarlane Book Collection, with proceeds going to the Gurkha Welfare Trust.  
51071 Mau Mau: An African Crucible / Edgerton, Robert B. Hd.back. 298 pages. bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. like new./very good. £15.00
51072 KAMPFGRUPPE COMMANDER (CLASH OF ARMOR 2nd edition) : / - GV pbk 6mm-20mm games in under 3 hours fast play grand tactical WWII rules £16.00
51073 Mounted Infantry at War / St Leger, Cpt 280p. near fine hardback facsimile of this Boer war memoir. illus £19.50
51074 LA GARDE IMPERIALE A PIED / Pigeard, Alain & Bourgeot P.back. Publ. 1974. 98 pages. Illustrated with full colour illustrations throughout.French new.Small knock to corner of front cover. £25.00
51075 LA GUERRE A OUTRANCE / Shann, Steve Franco-Prussian war game rules from an expert in the period. Small pamphlet. English text. Cond. looks new. £5.00
51076 LES CENT JOURS DE WATERLOO / - French/English text. hardback. all colour photos of the 1990 re-enactment. VGC hardback 100p £8.00
51077 Les chars d'assaut : leur création et leur rôle pendant la guerre, 1915-1918 / Dutil, Capitaine P.back. 243 pages. Illustrated with some bl. and wh. illustrations. French WWI tanks French text. Cond like new. £6.95
51078 Throwing Fire: Projectile Technology through History / Crosby, Alfred W. H.back.206 pages. Illustrated with full colour and bl. and wh. illustrations throughout.Cond.good. £12.00
51079 Command or Control?: Command, Training and Tactics in the British and German Armies, 1888-1918 / Samuels, Martin Hd.back.339 pages. Cond. new. Unread.Slight shelf edge wear. £95.00
51080 LA GARDE DE PARIS 1849-1870 / - Tradition mag special 76p. near fine large format pbk. exceptionally well illus inc olour French text £20.00
51081 Giant of the Grand Siecle: The French Army, 1610–1715 / Lynn MInt hardback. still in shrink wrap (no jacket) £69.50
51082 With the Guards in Flanders: The Diary of Captain Roger Morris, 1793-1795 (From Reason To Revolution) / Harrington, Peter P.back. Publ. 168 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. like new. Light surface wear only. £12.00
51083 Cavaliers: The Royalist Army at War, 1642-1646 / Barratt, John. Hd.back. 244 pages. Illustrated withbl. and wh. illustrations throughout.Cond.slight shelf edge wear.Looks unread. New. £18.00
51084 Second Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902 (Wargaming in History) / Herbert mint pbk £7.50
51085 In Good Faith: A History of the Vietnam War, Volume I: 1945-65 / Rea near mint HBK £13.95
51086 Major Robert Farmar of Mobile / Rea near mint, crease to cover. Fought in Europe , Cuba and the Caribbean , then against the French in AMerica £16.50
51087 ARMIES OF THE FIRST FRENCH REPUBLIC AND THE RISE OF THE MARSHALS OF NAPOLEON 1 - 5 / Phipps, R W near mint hardback OUP 1968 5 volume set £250.00
51088 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Merchant Seamen, Pirates and the Anglo-American Maritime World, 1700-1750 / Rediker, Marcus P.back .322 pages. Some bl. and wh. Illustrations. Cond. very good/near fine. £35.00
51089 Battle of Poitiers 1356 / Green, David P.back . 153 pages. Bl. and wh. illustrations.Cond. very good. £6.00
51090 Fleet Battle and Blockade: The French Revolutionary War 1793-1797 (Caxton pictorial histories) / ed. Gardiner, Robert. Hd.back.190 pages. Bl. and wh. illustrations. Cond. like new. £8.00
51091 Attack and Die: Civil War Military Tactics and the Southern Heritage / McWhinny & Jamieson. Hd.back. 209 pages.Cond. very good. £8.00
51092 Blue, the Gray and the Red: Indian Campaigns of the Civil War / Hatch, Thom. Hd.back.Publ. bl. and wh..Cond. like new. £18.50
51093 Nelson's Navy: The Ships, Men, and Organization, 1793-1815 (Spring Symposia) / Lavery, Brian Hd.back. bl. and wh..Cond. very good. £25.00
51094 Line of Battle: The Sailing Warship, 1650-1840 (Conway's History of the Ship) / Gardiner. bl. and wh.throughout.Cond. like new. £12.50
51095 Arming the Fleet: U.S. Navy Ordnance in the Muzzle-Loading Era / Tucker, Spencer Hd.back.Publ. bl. and wh. Like new. £75.00
51096 Amazon Frontier: The Defeat Of The Brazilian Indians / Hemming, John. Hd.back. 647 bl. and wh..Cond. like new. £8.00
51097 Bush Fighting: Illustrated by Remarkable Actions and Incidents of the Maori War in New Zealand (Classic Reprint) / - P.back . Facsimile of original book.326 pages. Bl. and wh. £15.00
51098 Army of Tennessee: 30 (The Civilization of the American Indian Series) / Horn, Stanley F. P.back . Cond. new. Still in unopened shrink wrap. £10.00
51099 Battle of New Orleans: Andrew Jackson And America's First Military Battle / Remini, Robert V Hd.back. 226 bl. and wh. New. £5.00
51100 Civil War in Louisiana / Winters, John D. P.back . 534 pages. Cond. like new. £11.50
51101 Armies of Early Colonial North America 1607 - 1713: History, Organization and Uniforms / Esposito Hd.back. 180 full colour and bl. and wh.Cond. new. Mint. £10.00
51102 Bayonets, Bugles and Bonnets: Experiences of Hard Soldiering with the 71st Foot, the Highland Light Infantry, Through Many Battles of the Napoleonic Wars Including the Peninsular and Waterloo Campaigns / Todd, James Thomas. P.back . 124 pages. Cond. like new. £5.00
51103 Buck Barry, Texas Ranger and Frontiersman / Greer, James K P.back . 254 pages. Cond. very good. £27.50
51104 Chasseur Barres - The experiences of a French Infantryman of the Imperial Guard at Austerlitz, Jena, Eylau, Friedland, in the Peninsular, Lutzen, ... and Hanau during the Napoleonic Wars. / Barres, Jean Baptiste. P.back . 303 pages. Cond. new. £8.50
51105 Armies of Angkor: Military Structure and Weaponry of the Khmers / Hergoualc'h Hd.back. 178 bl. and wh. throughout.Cond. mint. Very slight shelf edge wear. Unread. £35.00
51106 Auxilia of the Roman Imperial Army / Cheesman, M.A. P BK, 192P, Cond. new. £9.50
51107 Capture of New Orleans, 1862 / Hearn, Chester G. Hd.back. 292 bl. and wh..Cond. like new.Very slight shelf edge wear. £18.00
51108 Battle of Copenhagen 1801 / Feldbaek, Ole. Hd.back.Publ.1990. 270 bl. and wh..Cond. like new. Near fine. £8.50
51109 After Stalingrad: The Red Army's Winter Offensive, 1942-1943 / Glantz, David M. Hd.back.Publ.534 bl. and wh..Cond. very good. £32.50
51110 How to Survive Under Siege (Clarendon Ancient History Series) / Whitehead, David. P.back . 214 pages. Cond. like new. £20.00
51111 Black Napoleon: Toussaint L'Ouverture Liberator of Haiti / Hannon, James Jess P BK, 473 pages. Fiction. Cond. like new. £15.00
51112 Battle of Sackett's Harbor. 1813. / Wilder, Patrick A. Hd.back. 134 bl. and wh.Like new. Near fine. £59.50
51114 Suicide Battalion: 46th Canadian Infantry on the Western Front, World War One / Williams & Steel. P.back. 217 pages.Cond. like new. Light surface wear only. £38.00
51115 Story of Butler's Rangers / CRuikshank near mint pbk reprint of this classic account of a not quite so famous Ranger battalion in the AWI £11.50
51116 Atlanta 1864: Last Chance for the Confederacy (Great Campaigns of the Civil War) / McMurry 224p. near mint £13.50
51117 GUNPOWDER ARMIES / Newark, T ALL colour plates, near mint pbk £7.25
51118 Archidamian War (New History of the Peloponnesian War) / Kagan near mint HBk, lacks jacket. 400p. £32.50
51119 Blitzkrieg: Armour, Camouflage and Markings, 1939-40 by / Zaloga near mint large format all colour paperback £25.00
51120 Memoirs of a Polish Lancer: The Pamietniki of Dezydery Chlapowski / - near mint hardback. Napoleonic memoirs £36.50
51121 PBI II : Peter Pig 15mm WWII rules / - near mint £5.00
51122 MINDEN AND THE SEVEN YEARS WAR / KNowles near fine Quality pbk facsimile reprint by Ken Trotman publishing £11.50
51123 Cannon: The Conservation, Reconstruction and Presentation of Historic Artillery / Carpenter 200p. large format v well illus hardback. £35.00
51124 Combat: South Africa at War Along the Angolan Frontier / Venter 330p. v well illus near mint HBK £14.50
51125 Battle Tactics of Napoleon and His Enemies: Brent Nosworthy / Nosworthy, Brent 520p. near fine scarce hardback edition £25.00
51126 William Washington, Cavalryman of the Revolution / Haller 240p. near mint pbk. Biog of this cavalry commander who played pivotal roles in batles such as Cowpens and Guildford Court HOuse. £17.50
51127 Charge!: Great Cavalry Charges of the Napoleonic Wars / Digby smith near fine HBK. 290p. illus £7.50
51128 Later Roman Empire: (a.D. 354-378) (Penguin Classics) by Ammianus Marcellinus and Andrew Wallace-Hadrill / - vgc pbk £3.50
51129 Ksiega kawalerii polskiej 1914-1947: Rodowody, barwa, bron [ / Rodowody, barwa, bron Hd.back. Publ. 1989. 527 pages. Illustrated with full colour illustrations throughout.Cond.very good. £65.00
51130 L' Epopee Napoleonienne / Hourtoulle, F.G. Hd.back. Publ. 2008. 207 pages. Illustrated with full colourthroughout.Cond. like new. Small bump to front cover edge. £40.00
51131 ROUSSELOT PLATES 1) CHEVAU LEGERS LANCIERS 1811-1815 / - 1965 printing Near Mint small stamp marked DON HAGGER COLLECTION. £18.00
51132 ROUSSELOT PLATES 2) CARABINIERS 1810-1815 / - 1965 printing Near Mint small stamp marked DON HAGGER COLLECTION- £18.00
51133 La Grande Armée par Victor Huen / Herscher Hd.back. Publ. 2004. 102 pages. Illustrated with full colour illustrations £30.00
51134 PURITAN REVOLUTION 1603-1660 / Gardner small gilt leather bound hardback. An attractive edition of a classic. However the interest lies in the fact that it has a bookplate of the Victorian Admiral Sir Wilmot Hawksworth Fawkes, GCB, KCVO £13.50
51135 Fighting Kings of Wessex (Medieval Military Library) / Baker near mint pbk 300p. £10.00
51135 LES UNIFORMES DU PREMIERE EMPIRE: L' INFANTERIE / Bucquoy, Cdt. Hardback, pub. 1979, 223 pages, colour illustrations throughout. FRENCH TEXT. Good condition, some minor damage to dust jacket and inscription to flyleaf. £50.00
51136 LA GARDE IMPERIALE / Lachouque, Cmndt Henry VGC very large format Hardback. Very well illus inc some colour. FRENCH TEXT. 510pages £37.50
51136 British Reconnaissance Corps in World War II ( Osprey Elite. 152) / - near mint £4.00
51137 Korean War Aces: No.4 ( Osprey Aircraft of the Aces) / - near mint £4.00
51138 Confederate Cavalry West of the River / Oates, Stephen B. P.back.234 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations.Cond. unread.Small knocks to edge coners. £6.00
51140 Belisarius: The Last Roman General / Hughes, Ian. Hd.back. 272.pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations throughout.Cond. new. Unread.Mint. £20.00
51142 Athenian Trireme: The History and Reconstruction of an Ancient Greek Warship / Morrison & Coates. P.back.266 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations Cond. Looks new. Slight wear to corner of cover. £6.95
51143 Bushveldt Carbineers: the War Against the Boers in South Africa and the 'Breaker' Morant Incident / Witton, George P.back. Publ.225 pages.Cond. unread.Looks new. £12.95
51144 Attack and Die: Civil War Military Tactics and the Southern Heritage. / McWhinney, & Jamieson. Hd.back.209 pages. Cond. very good. Some surface wear. £7.00
51145 Captain of the 95th (Rifles) an Officer of Wellington's Sharpshooters During the Peninsular.... / Leach, Jonathan. Hd.back. 250 pages.Cond. like new. Near mint.Small knock to corner of cover. £14.25
51146 Battle of Maida. 1806: Fifteen minutes of glory. / Hopton, Richard. Hd.back. Publ. 197 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrationsCond. like new. Unread. Near mint. £9.00
51147 Great Siege of Chester / Barratt, John. P.back. 192 pages. Illustrated with bl. an wh. illustrations Cond. unread.Looks new. £7.50
51148 Spanish Frontier in North America (Yale Western Americana Series) / Weber, David J. P.back. Publ. 579 pages. Illustrated with bl. and wh. illustrations.Cond. very good. Light surface wear. £15.00
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