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We have new figures from Warlord and from Rubicon this week. As well as rules and books.
Rubicon 281001: Viet Cong Fighters & Command
 Postfree World Wide! - Includes 4 male VC sprues (6 figures each) - Includes 2 female VC sprues (4 figures each) - A total of 32 figures with command squad option - Multi-pose plastic figures with different webbing & pouches - Multiple weapon choices, including RPG-7
28mm. £33.00
Rubicon 281002: USMC Marines & Command
Postfree World Wide! - Includes 5 USMC sprues (6 figures each) - Includes 1 USMC Command sprue - A total of 30 figures with command squad option - Multi-pose plastic figures with different webbing and pouches - Multiple weapon choices, including M72 LAW 28mm £33.00
Lion Rampant: Second Edition: Medieval Wargaming Rules
Mersey, Dan. PRE-ORDER PRICE Hardback. Lion Rampant: Second Edition is a new, updated version of the hit Osprey Wargames series title, and retains the core gameplay while also incorporating a wealth of new rules and updates from several years' worth of player feedback and development. Whether they are looking to recreate historical encounters or tell their own stories, the varied scenarios, unit types, and sample retinue lists found in this volume provide everything players need to face each other in quick, exciting, and, above all, fun tabletop battles. £16.25
Bolt Action Italian Army Sniper, Light Mortar and Anti-tank Rifle teams.
403015804 Infantry support teams are a vital component of Bolt Action armies. This pack gives you three such teams with which to add much-needed firepower to your Italian Army or Blackshirt force. £14.00
Bolt Action Italian Army Elefantino 47mm anti-tank gun
403015807 Italian Army Elefantino 47mm anti-tank gun The 47/32 was a licensed Austrian light artillery piece that primarily served in an anti-tank role.When firing HEAT [High Explosive Anti-Tank] rounds, the 47/32 was an effective anti-tank platform in the earlier stages of the war. With a low silhouette (made even lower by the removal of its wheels – a common practice) and relative high mobility, the Elefantino proved itself in battle time and again. The same weapon equipped the main gun of the Italian mainstay tank, the M14/41, and the 47/32 self-propelled gun. £14.50
Bolt Action Italian Army Forward Observer Team
403015806 Italian Army Forward Observer Team - Whether it is an artillery battery miles away from the battlefield, a naval gunship out to sea, or a ground attack aircraft high above the fighting, such weapons systems would be much less effective without the services of well-trained forward observers. £7.00
Bolt Action Italian Army Breda 2cm AA gun
403015808  Breda 2cm AA gun - The Breda 20/65 Model 1935 was developed in Italy and widely used throughout the war. The weapon was diverse, capable as both an anti-aircraft weapon and a ground weapon. £14.50
CASTLES IN THE SKY : A Wargame of Flying Battleships
Osprey Wargames 30, Eric Farrington. Featuring all the rules required to fight battles with fleets of flying behemoths. Assemble your fleet from 8 nationalities and fight through a variety of scenarios. With a full campaign system, Castles in the Sky contains everything
adventurous aeronautical admirals need to find victory in the skies. Pre order price £11.50
SOLDIERS ARE DRESSED IN RED :The Quiberon Expedition of 1795 and the Counter-Revolution in Brittany
Nicholls, 310p Images : 15 colour & 12 b/w illustrations, 8 maps, 2 diagrams, 29 tables. This book seeks to provide a comprehensive account of the expedition as a joint military enterprise – French emigres, the British Government, and its Navy and Army and local resistance to The Revolution.
MEDITERRANEAN EMPIRES - Bellica 3rd Generation
Mediterranean Empires is a strategy game for 2 to 8 players representing the turbulent power struggle between the various powers of the Mediterranean Sea before the emergence of the Roman Empire, which after conquering the lands surrounding this sea called it Mare Nostrum (our sea). Each player will lead one of these empires, in his hand, the cunning and luck will guide either to victory or annihilation. £58.50
PUNIC ISLAND - Campaign Commander Series Vol III - Bellica 3rd Generation
"Punic Island" is the third volume in the Campaign Commander series and simulates the campaign for Sicily and North Africa during the First Punic War. The game is developed in an operational scale - area-based map. It is designed for two players with one running the ROMAN forces and the other the CARTHAGINIAN forces -including Syracuse. The game lasts approximately 3-4 hours and uses a two sided system to handle the mechanics of play: cards and counters. £58.50
Ivan Caceres - SANTA CRUZ 1797 - Bellica 3rd Generation
A small card driven block game about the night battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1797. The game pitches the British player, with superior numbers and quality, against the Spanish defenders that try to contain the British landings and avoid losing the main fortifications and vital points in the city.
The game is tense, with a lot of interaction that depicts British naval movement, Spanish coastal batteries fire and plenty of action in a confused, see-saw battle that highlighted night street fighting. £45.00
We also have some shop-soiled / second hand titles for you to look at.
53081 COLD WAR COMMANDER 2nd Edition / - Not the latest edition (also in stock) Near mint pbk - brown cover £14.50
53082 PARTIZAN PRESS GUIDE TO SOLO WARGAMING / Asquith, STuart new but marks to cover £11.50
53083 Zulu Army and Zulu Headmen / - pbk repirnt this is the handbook issued to British Staff officers on the eve of their invasion of Natal and the ensuing Zulu War in 1879. It gives a detailed picture of Zulu society, individual chieftains, military tactics, warriors & dress and history, compiled from information obtained from the most reliable source £6.00
53084 RED DAWN RISES: Revolution in Central Asia 1918-20 / Langan, S New but damp damage not affecting text £10.00
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