Welcome to the Miniature Figurines Gallery

  We are currently building up our new gallery, and would very much like your help. If you have any photo's of your minifigs minitures either close up or on mass, we will be more than happy to put them up in our new gallery. We will give you full credit and if you are a professional painting service just think of it as free advertising.
Many thanks to Jason of J.A.D. Designs for a fine collection of 12mm Modern british paint jobs you can contact him here J.A.D. Designs.
Also our thanks for the use of just some of the pictures of 25mm napoleonics at Peninsula Figures.
Also thanks to Artmaster Studio's & Hallmart. Thanks to Old Guard Painters for supplying some excellent 15mm paint jobs.
A quick note :- For larger versions just click on the thumb nail.

Here is a selection from our 12mm range.


Here is a selection from our 15mm range.


Here is a selection from our 25mm range.