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    "Featuring Mark Backhouse, 'How to get scouting and recon on the tabletop - Common sense, not cowardice'. Jeff Jonas, 'Crassus' defeat at the Battle of Carrhae, 53 BC - Doomed in the desert'. Mark Backhouse, 'Vikings versus Saxons in a Dark Age skirmish - The snake in the grass'. Charles S. Grant, 'The use of light troops in the Seven Years' War - Fighting for information'. Nick Skinner, 'Operation Market Garden: recce jeeps at Wolfheze - The Arnhem ambush'. Otto van Wiggen and Guy Bowers, 'Reconnaissance before attack: the Falklands, 1982 - Mount Harriet'. Guy Bowers, 'Reconnaissance through the ages - Guessing what's over the next hill'. Mark Hargreaves, 'Keeping up with the Turkish retreat - Racing through the desert'. and plenty more."

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