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    "Glover (G.) and S.Summerfield. 220pp., Mint Hardback illustrated throughout with colour maps & contemporary sketches, portraits etc. To celebrate Gareth's 100th publication, a simply overwhelming Waterloo Atlas of contemporary maps. At the core of the book are the 83 hand-drawn military field sketches of roads in the surrounding area by Wellington's Staff Corps prior to the Waterloo Campaign, all expertly enhanced in colour by Stephen. To these have been added any maps of the area produced prior to 1825 such as the work by Joseph Ferraris and also (redrawn) the famous Willem Craan map of 1816. Many other maps are included to fill out the wider campaign plus the rare plans of the major sieges by Colonel Sir James Carmichael Smyth. Still that is not all, the volume also includes the earliest views of the battlefield, those of William Stoney, Denis Dighton and James Rouse amongst others. The result is the most sumptuous cartographic study of the battle ever produced. "

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