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THE WAR IN NORTHERN OMAN : Muscat and the Sultanate of Oman, 1954-1962


    "Peter Shergold. 64 pages 69 b/w & 9 colour photos, 7 colour profiles, 4 colour figures, 5 b/w & 1 colour maps, 2 tables. While usually thought to have been fought - and won - exclusively by special forces, capacity building, and training of native forces, a closer look reveals an entirely different picture. The victory and lasting peace were actually secured by a conventional military campaign dominated by offensive operations, followed by an entirely separate civilian development programme. The role of special forces was overemphasised - not only in regards of their relative number of operations, but also in regards of their impact - while the insurgency was suppressed by punitive means, and the capacity building remained limited during the war."

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