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THE NAM : Squad level rules for gaming the War in Vietnam


    "Bollands, Wayne 60p. large format full colour. By using simple to understand mechanics, such as playing cards and 'dice shifting', it is possible to simulate any of the troops who did the fightin` and a-dyin` a long way away from home or amongst their own cities and villages. The rules attempt to embrace all the combatants who played a part in the war on both sides, from the Viet Cong guerrilla to the contributions made by Australia, South Korea and others (see 'Falling Dominoes' supplement). The aim is the use of 28mm-sized figures, but 15 - 20mm miniatures may also be used with no real changes needing to be made. The game is focussed upon platoon level actions, although it should be possible to scale up or down as required (company to rifle squad). "

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