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BATTLEGROUND: The Honduran & Salvadorna Border Conflict 1967-1980


    "Montes, Julio A. Partizan Press. 240p. mint pbk. Detailed study of the military aspects of the wars. V well illus inc colour. On July 14, 1969, starting at 06:10 p. m. , the Salvadoran unleashed 75mm and 105mm artillery ordnance on Honduran positions at El Amatillo and surrounding areas for three hours. The attack was intended to soften defensive positions around the bridge over the Goascoran River that divides El Salvador from Honduras, and to coincide with an air raid launched by the Salvadoran Air Force against Honduras Air Forces airfields. The ground attack would follow in the morning of July 15, 1969, when Salvadoran forces pushed inside Honduras, destroying its defenses in four days and occupying its territory until August 3, while it demanded concessions for the Salvadoran minority living in Honduras. The incident became known as the Football War because it coincided with the qualifying games to the 1970 World Cup. However, the conflict had little to do with football..."

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