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WARGAMES SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 117 : Achaemenid Persians special


    "In this issue, WSS explore some of the battles and campaigns of the Achaemenid Empire, an ancient powerhouse that controlled large swaths of Central Asia and the Near East for centuries. Also in this issue David Davies, 'The 1544 English raid on Scotland's capital - Edinburgh's burning'. Eoghan Kelly, 'The Battle of Saragarhi 12 September 1897 - No fear of death'. James Oram, 'A look at point values and tournaments - Points on points'. Chris King, 'Operation Blucher, the Dunkirk Offensive 1945 - Fortress Dunkirk'. Guy Bowers, 'Fighting naval actions in stormy weather - Weathering the storm'. Tony Harwood, 'Scratch-built walls for the wargame table - Standing like a stone wall'. Joe Bilton, 'Creating and building an iconic location - The house on Dead Man's Corner' and more."

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