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Orders for Partizan being taken now
10mm Humber Hornet, Ferret MkI/II and HMVV M1115 added to the minifigs site, along with another batch of Classic Fantasy
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H26502 RU058 Sdkfz 222/223 Light Armoured Car  - wwII   / RUBICON - £18.00 

H26503 RU059 Gaz-AA/AAA Truck - WWII  / RUBICON post free worldwide if spending over £20 £16.25 

H26504 RU060 Feldgendarmerie Bike Crew - WWII  / RUBICON - £3.15 

H26505 RU061 General Erwin Rommel - WWII  / RUBICON - £3.15 

H26506 RU062 General George Patton with Willie - WWII  / RUBICON - £3.15 

H26507 RU063 Commonwealth Tank Crew - WWII  / RUBICON - £3.15 

H26508 RU064 Soviet Tank Crew - WWII  / RUBICON - £3.15 

H26509 RU065 Monty & Hobart - WWII  / RUBICON - £3.15 

H26510 RU066 Zuhkov & Timoshenko - WWII  / RUBICON - £3.15 

H26511 RU067 US Jeep MB-T/T3 Military Trailer   / RUBICON - £3.15 

H26512 Emojibots - DR WHO   / WARLORD GAMES - £11.50 

H26513 FIRES of Pompeii - DR WHO  / WARLORD GAMES - £11.50 

H26514 Strontium Dog: Darkus' Howlers    / WARLORD GAMES - £13.00 

H26515 Strontium Dog: SD Agents  - WARLORD GAMES  / WARLORD GAMES - £17.50 

H26517 Strontium Dog: Build-a-Mutie  / WARLORD GAMES - £17.50 

H26520 Japanese Veteran Infantry Squad Metal Box  - BOLT ACTION - WARLORD GAMES  / WARLORD GAMES - £13.00 

H26521  Australian 75mm Pack Howitzer  - BOLT ACTION   / WARLORD GAMES - £11.50 

H26522 Australian 40mm Bofors AA gun (Pacific) - BOLT ACTION   / WARLORD GAMES - £15.75 

H26524 Australian 2-pdr light anti-tank gun (Pacific)- BOLT ACTION   / WARLORD GAMES - £11.50 

H26526 Australian Forward Observer team (Pacific) - BOLT ACTION  / WARLORD GAMES - £4.25 

H26528 With a Bended Bow: Archery in Medieval and Renaissance Europe  / Roth MINT hardback. well illus £32.50 

H26529 STRATEGY & TACTICS 302 GREAT NORTHERN WAR SPECIAL EDITION GAME  / - 1 only, mint unpunched. Campaign level hex wargame £39.50 

47029 Sieges of Alexander the Great  / ENGLISH  166p MINT HDBK £9.50 

47030 German Automatic Weapons of World War II (Live Firing Classic Military Weapons in Colour Photographs)   / Bruce 130p. large format pbk v wel illus in colour  near mint £10.00 

47031 DAS SPONTOON 1966  / - Complete volume 6 bound with cloth spine encompassing issues 33-40.  slight shelf wear  wellilus German military magazine £35.00 

47032 LES CENT JOURS DE WATERLOO  / - French/English text. hardback. all colour  photos of the 1990 re-enactment.  VGC hardback 100p £12.50 

47033 LIFE AND OPINIONS OF GENERAL SIR CHARLES JAMES NAPIER. 4 volume set  / Napier, Lt FGen Sir WIlliam 1857 edition and printing.  Green cloth set. fading to spine.  £65.00 

47034 Business in Great Waters : The U Boat wars 196-45  / Terraine, J 832p. illus. near mint pbk. comprehensive account £8.00 

47035 Civil War at Sea (ACW)  / Symonds, Craig 250p. near mint paperback £5.00 

47036 From Imperial Splendour to Internment: The German Navy in the First World War  / WOlz 270p. near mint HBK  illus. £8.00 

47037 Midshipman in Gray: Recollections of a Rebel Reefer  / Morgan, Jame |M 220p. near mint hardback Memoirs of a Confederate sailor £5.00 

47038 HISTORY OF AIR WARFARE  / Olsen (ed) 490. vgc large format pbk. Essays on various aspects and important campiagns by leading military aviation experts. Largely post WWII £13.50 

47039 From Dreadnought to Daring: 100 Years of Comment, Controversy and Debate in the Naval Review  / Hore (ed) 510p hardback £9.50 

47040 Naval Weapons of World War One : GUns, torpedoes, mines , ASW weapons of all nations  / FRiedman, Norman near fine large format hardback. 400p. v well illustrated £40.00 

47041 Peninsular Eyewitnesses: The Experience of War in Spain and Portugal 1808-1813  / Esdaile MInt Hdbk.  300p £14.50 

47042 La Cavalleria di Linea di Murat 1808-15/Murat's Line Cavalry 1808-15  / Crociani Large format VGC pbk.  60p v well illus LIne uniform plates, some in colour. Inc details and flags. ITalian Text, ENglish Captions £35.00 

47043 British Army Against Napoleon: Facts, Lists and Trivia, 1805-1815  / Burnham 325p. mint hbk £15.00 

47044 French Destroyers: Torpilleurs d'Escadre and Contre-Torpilleurs,1922–1956  / Jordan & MOulin near fine large format hardback.  290p. v well illus inc colour ENGLISH TEXT £20.00 

47045 Persian Invasions of Greece  / Keaveney mint hardback 130p. illus in colour. Campaign history £9.50 


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