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Our large number of pre-orders for GENERAL d'ARMEE  & PAINTING WAR are shipping today
Brigade Fire & Fury is proving to be a tad popular, don't miss the boat
The BATTLEFIELD BUILDINGS 15mm Arab buidlings have been going well  to FLAMES 4th edition players

H25267 PAINTING WAR: Issue 8 - AMERICAN CIVIL WAR  / - Large format. full colour 88p  Awesome special issue on how to paint American Civil War armies. More than 25 different miniatures painted by Angel Aparicio (Oniria Miniatures), and a complete painting guide.  £16.50 

H25268 MOTIVATION IN WAR: The Experience of Common Soldiers in Old-Regime Europe   / Berkovich, Ilya 290p. This book fundamentally revises our notion of why soldiers of the 18th century enlisted, served, and fought. In contrast to traditional views of the brutal conditions supposedly prevailing in old-regime armies, soldiers did not regard military discipline as illegitimate or unnecessarily cruel, nor did they perceive themselves as submissive military automatons.  £22.50 

H25269 ITALY 1636: Cemetary of Armies  / Hanlon Hbk.  The campiagn and battle of Tornavento. One of the best books on C17th warfare I have read for ages. Very interetsing analysis of the reason for alow casualty rates, motivation, tactics and the effectiveness of the Spanish vs French military methods. A must for Thirty Years wear adn ECW enthusiasts £58.50 

H25270 WRATH OF THE NORTHMEN  / - This is the first supplement for Burn & Loot, the historical miniatures wargaming rule system for Medieval Era.   Dark Age ARmy lists plus SCenarios and a Viking  period campaign system £15.00 

H25271 CROMWELL's BUFFOON : The life and career of the regicide THOMAS PRIDE  / Hodkinson 222p. A very readable military and political biography £22.50 

H25272 TERRA INCOGNITA : Company level colonial rules for the Age of Exploration 1510-1870  / - large format glossy pbk. . Can be used for any scale of figure. No rebasing. Includes native skirmish strategies.  £22.50 

H25273 REMINISCENCES 1808-1815 Under Wellington: The Peninsular And Waterloo Memoirs Of William Hay  / Hay, William 160p. hbk illus.  Served in the 52 Light Infantry and the 12th Light Dragoons, serving in Canada until 1823 £22.50 

H25274 NORTHOVER PROJECTOR  / - 50p. illus Very little in detail is known about the Northover Projector, but this pamphlet fills in most of the gaps. It covers the weapon itself and its ammunition, and there is a tactical section as well. It is of general interest simply because of the sparcity of other official information. £9.50 

H25275 BLACK BOMBARD: SPIGOT MORTAR OFFICIAL MANUAL  / - Mint paperback reprint. 14pp. The 29mm Spigot Mortar or  £12.50 

H25276 PORTRAITS OF THE ENGLISH CIVIL WAR  / Haldane 100p Full colour plates from 1640-1660.  Representations of the protagonists.  Each protrait is accompanied by a short biography £24.50 

H25277 DEUTSCHES AFRIKA KORPS PROFILE GUIDE  / -  108p. large format all colour illus. Cammo and vehicle insignoia for all types of DAK vehicles- soft skins, half-tracks, Tanks, artillery etc Includes captured vehicle £23.99 

H25278 1945 GERMAN COLOURS   / - 70p. large forma. 200 + full l colour illus. Cammo. guide.' Includes 1945+  What ifs.  £18.99 

H25279 CHINESE POWER: Tanks and vehicles of the PLA  / - 242p. large format  Complete guide to PLA tanks from 1939- present. Extensive look at cammo systems plus a large section on modelling vehicles in current service £36.50 

H25280 PLA ARMY & ARTILLERY : AK Interactive paint set  / - 8 pot acrylic paint set £17.50 

H25281 PLA ARMY COLOUR ADD ON  / - 3 pot set  £7.50 

H25282 DR WHO MINIATURES GAME  : EXTERMINATE  / - New from Warlord Games £28.50 

45000 Discovering Modelling for Wargamers  / Teague g/c pbk 1973 £3.00 

45002 Wargaming in History Volume 2: The War of the Austrian Succession  / Grant, Charles S H.Back, Publ 2010, 192 Pages, Illus in Colour, V. Good Condition with slight shelfware £30.00 

45003 Three Byzantine Military Treatises  / Dennis, George T. H.Back, Publ 1985, 380 P, No Illus, New £65.00 

45004 Ship Spotters Guide  / KONSTAM. ANGUS P.Back, Publ 2014, 128 Pages, Illus in Colour, Collectable - Like New and Signed by Author £3.00 

45005 Fleet Air Arms in Focus  / Hobbs, David H.Back, Publ 1992, 118 Pages, Illus in Black and White, MInt £14.00 

45006 1809 Thunder on the Danbe: Napoleons Defeat of the Habsburgs - Volume II: The Fall of Vienna and the Battle of Aspern  / Gill, John H. H.Back, Publ 2090, 448 Pages, Illus in Black and White, New £25.00 

45007 Naval Warfare in the Age of Sea: War at Sea 1756-1815  / Ireland, Bernard H.Back, Publ 2000, 240 Pages, Illus in Colour, V. Good Condition with slight shelfware £3.50 

45008 Dress Regulations 1900  / Carman, W.Y. H.Back, Publ 1969, 197 Pages, Illus in Black andWhite, V. Good Condition with slight shelfware £12.50 

45009 Cassell: Dictionary of Napoleonic Wars  / Pope, Stephen H.Back, Publ 1999, 572 Pages, Illus in Black and White, V. Good Condition with slight shelfware £4.00 

45010 Desert Garb and Gear: The Equipment of Americas Desert Warriors  / Paskauskas ll, Joel B. H.Back, Publ 1994, 62 Pages, Illus in Black and White and Colour, V. Good Condition with slight shelfware £23.00 

45011 Deeds of Valour : Colonial warfare  / Bancroft, James W. H.Back, Publ 1994, 149 Pages, Illus in Black and White, V. Good Condition with slight shelfware £4.00 

45012 Capt. E. D.  / Swinton P.Back, Publ 2008, 57 Pages, Illus in Black and White, New £5.00 

45013 Underground Railroad  / Switala, William J. P. Back, Publ 2004, 166 Pages, Illustrated throughout inBlack and White, New £8.47 

45014 WWII Tank Encyclopedia: In Colour 1939-45  / Restayn, Jean H.Back, Publ 2007, 176 Pages, Illus in Colour, New £40.00 

45015 Waffen SS: Uniforms and Insignia  / Michaelis, Rolf H.Back, Publ 2006, 136 Pages, large fordmat  Illus in Colour and Black and White, New £43.50 

45016 You Up There- We Down Here  We Down Here: Schoolboys deployed as Anti-Aircraft Gun Assistants  / Oberleitner, Gerhard LaRGE FORMAT H.Back,. the author describes his experiences as a Luftwaffe Anti-Aircraft Assistant from 1944-1945:  270 Pages, Illus in Black and White, New £18.00 

45017 Waffen SS - Divisions 1939-45  / Bishop, Chris H.Back, Publ 2007, 192 Pages, Illus in Black and White and Colour, New £22.50 

45018 Battle of Adwa: African victory in the age of empire  / Jonas, Raymond H.Back. Publ 2011, 413 pages, Illus in Black and White, Mint £22.50 

45019 Road to Destruction: Operation Blue and the Battle of Stalingrad 1942-1943 - A Photographic History  / Baxter, Ian Hardcover. Publ 2008. 125 Page. Illus Black and White. New £6.00 

45019 BETWEEN IMPERIAL EAGLES   / - 500p. near mint hbk. Swedish Danish and Norwegian aremies during the Napoleonic wars. Inc col illus of uniforms and flags £45.00 

45020 Dying for Saint-Lo: Hedgerow Hell, July 1944  / Lodieu, Didier Hardcover. Publ 2007. 176 pages. Illus Colour and Black and White. New £30.00 

45021 German Panzer: A visual history of the German Army's World War II Light Tank  / Doyle, David Hardcover. Publ 2016. Mint Sealed in Cellophane £20.00 


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