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H25673 Decorated Roman Armour: From the Age of the Kings to the Death of Justinian the Great  / D'AMATO 400p. very well illustrated hardback £26.50 




H25677 REAL COLORS OF WW II - Germany, USSSR; British and Commonwealth, USA  / J.KIROFF , P. SKULSKI , M.STARMER , S.ZALOGA Large fomat full colour 210p hardback.  LIMITED EDITION. HIghloy accuratele printed guide to colour shades, Includes photos of vehicles, colour schemes, original German colour cards;  ALso computer generated colour chips printed to with 4%  shade accuracy. A pretty useful book  £40.00 

H25678 ARMY OF THE ARPAD DYNASTY 896-1301  / - 70p large format all colour illus £12.50 

H25679 DARK AGE CAVALRY- Gripping Beast 28mm plastic. POST FREE WORLD WIDE PRE-ORDER  / -  They can be used to represent any unarmoured cavalry of the period from around 300AD to approx 800AD including Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Vandals, Franks, Germans, Heruls, Lombards and loads more £20.00 

H25680 ARMIES OF LATE WAR: Forces 1944-45  / - Flames of war Supplement £10.00 

H25681 FLAMES : LATE WAR CARD PACKS 1) US  / -  £8.00 

H25682 FLAMES : LATE WAR CARD PACKS 2) SOVIET  / - - £8.00 

H25683 FLAMES : LATE WAR CARD PACKS 3) BRITISH  / - - £8.00 

H25684 FLAMES : LATE WAR CARD PACKS 4) GERMAN  / - - £8.00 

H25685 LATE WAR FLAMES: BRITISH ARMOURED BATTLEGROUP  / - post free world wide. CROMWELL ARMOURED SUADRON. inc mini rules £62.50 

H25686 GERMAN PANZER KAMPFGRUPPE: LATE WAR FLAMES  / - post free world wide. PANTHER TANK COMPANY plus mini rules £62.50 

H25687 US COMBAT COMMAND : FLAMES LATE WAR  / - post free world wide. M4 Sherman Tank company. Inc mini rules £62.50 

H25688 SOVIET TANK SHOCK GROUP : FLAMES LATE WAR  / - post free world wide. T-34 Tank Battalion. plus mini rules £62.50 

45730 MAID OF FRANCE: Being the story of the life and death of Jeanne D'Arc  / Lang, Andrew 1909 Hardback. 379 pages. Good condition. B&W images. Reasonable cover and shelf wear for age, interior good. Some pencil marks in margin, binding strong, pages undamaged.  £35.00 

45731 KING LUCIUS OF BRITAIN  / knight, David J. Paperback, 2008, 192 pages. B&W and colour images. Very good condition, minor shelf wear to cover. £7.00 

45732 LAST CRUSADE: The Palestine Campaign in the First World War  / Bruce, Anthony Hardback, 2002, 299 pages. Some shelf wear to dustcover. Interior fine. £8.74 

45733 AUSONIUS EPIGRAMS: Test with introduction and Commentary  / Kay, N. M. Hardback, 2001, 315 pages. Slight cover wear, interior fine, appears unread. Slight creasing to one corner of an interior page.   £85.00 

45734 DEVIL OF A WHIPPING THE BATTLE OF COWPENS  / Babits, Lawrence E. Paperback, 2000, 231 pages. £5.00 

45735 CRUCIBLE OF WAR: The Severn Years War and the Fate of Empire in British north America, 1754-1766  / Anderson, Fred Paperback, 2000, 862 pages. Very good condition. Minor shelf wear, crease to corner of back cover.  Otherwise immaculate and appears unread. £4.00 

45736 HITLERS JIHADIS: Muslim Volunteers of the Waffen-SS  / Trigg, Jonathon Hardcover, 2008, 22 pages. Mint, however 2cm a tear to the dustcover near spine.  £5.09 

45737 WELLINGTON'S MONGREL REGIMENT: A history of the Chasseurs Britanniques regiment 1801-1814  / Nichols, Alistair Hardback, 2005, 248 pages. Slight shelf wear to dust cover. Otherwise very good.  £5.75 

45738 WELLINGTON INVADES FRANCE: The Final Phase of the Peninsular War 1813-1814  / Robertson, Ian C. Hardback, 2003, 305 pages. Minor shelf wear to dust cover, otherwise mint.   £11.50 

45739 WITH WELLINGTON IN THE PYRENEES: Being an account of the operations between the Allied Army and the french from July 25 to August 2 1813  / Beatson, F. C. Hardback, 1993, 318 pages. Includes 4 folded maps - immaculate condition.  Light shelf wear to dustcover. Interior fine. £5.00 

45740 WARHAMMER, THE FORGOTTEN WEAPON  / Roth, James Paperback, 2012, 120 pages. Very good condition, minor shelf wear to cover. £7.00 

45741 FORTESCUE'S A HISTORY OF THE BRITISH ARMY VOL I  / Fortescue, J.W. Paperback. 2004 Facsimile.  591 pages. Minor shelfwear, otherwise excellent condition. Appears unread. £14.50 

45742 COMRADES TO THE END: The 4th SS Panzer-Grenadier Regimener "Der Fuhrer" 1938-1945   / Weidinger, Otto Hardback. 1998. 464 pages. Very good condition. Minor shelfwear, otherwise excellent condition. Appears unread. £21.50 

45743 CRISIS ON THE DANUBE: Napoleon's Austrian Campaign of 1809  / Arnold, James R. Hardback, 1990, 286 pages. Very good condition with slight yellowing to laminate of dust jacket, otherwise immaculate. £22.50 

45744 JUNOTS INVASION OF PORTUGAL 1807-1808  / Foy, Maximillian Hardback, 2000, 189 pages. Mint condition. £8.25 

45745 IRON MARSHALL: A Biography of Louis N. Davout  / Gallaher, John G. Hardback, 2000, 420 pages. Like new condition but some sun fading to spine of dustcover. otherwise immaculate. £45.00 

45746 RUSSIAN EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS OF THE CAMPAIGN OF 1812  / Mikaberidze, Alexander Hardcover, 2012, 260 pages. Like new condition. £7.00 

45747 IN DEADLY COMBAT: A German Soldier's memoir of the Eastern Front  / Bidermann, Gottlob Herbert Hardback, 2000. Very good condition, slight shelf wear to dustcover. £10.85 

45748 WAR GAMES RULES  / Grant, Charles S Classic C18th rules  Mint but crease on cover. £9.50 

45749 MARSHALL NEY THE BRAVEST OF THE BRAVE  / Atterridge, A. H. Paperback, 379 pages, black and white maps and images. Shelf wear and denting to corners. Interior clean and unread, spine tight.  £15.00 

45750 1812 RUSSIA'S PATRIOTIC WAR  / Spring, Laurence Hardback, 2009, 288 pages. Like new condition with minor shelf wear to dust cover, appears unread. £4.50 

45751 ROAD TO RIVOLI: Napoleon's First Campaign  / Boycott-Brown, Martin Hardback, 2001, 560 pages. Features B&W maps. Like new condition, minor shelf wear to dustcover. £47.50 

45752 PYRRHUS OF EPIRUS  / Champion, Jeff Hardback, 2009, 156 pages. Like new condition, minor shelf wear. £15.00 

45753 LAST OF THE NAZIS: SS Werewolf Guerilla Resistance in Europe, 1944-1947  / Biddiscombe, Perry Hardback, 2004, 286 pages. B&W pictures and photograph insert. Very good condition, minor shelf wear. £11.00 

45754 NAPOLEONS MASTER: A life of Prince Talleyrand  / Lawday, David Hardback, 2006, 386 pages. Like new condition. Light shelf wear to dustcover. £8.50 

45755 NAPOLEON IN THE HOLY LAND  / Schur, Nathan hardback, 1999, 224 pages. B&W picture inset. Very good condition, light shelf wear to dustcover. £8.95 

45756 JANES FIGHTING SHIPS OF WORLD WAR II  / Preston, Anthony Large hardback, 1989, 320 pages over 1000 listed illustrations. Good condition, some scuffing and shelf wear to dustcover. £4.25 

45757 DON TROIANIS SOLDIERS IN AMERICA 1754 1865  / Coates & Kochan Hardback, 1998, 242 pages. Over 200 images.  Some shelf wear to edges of dustcover, tear to front of dustover, but complete. Interior excellent. £11.50 

45758 IN PERFECT FORMATION, SS Ideology and the SS-Junkerschule-tolz  / Hatheway, Jay Hardback, 1999, 160 pages. Like new condition, minor shelf wear to dust cover. £9.00 

45759 WELLINGTONS PENINSULAR WAR GENERALS & THEIR BATTLES: A Biographical and Historical Dictionary  / Heathcote, T. A. Hardback, 2010, 189 pages. Like new condition. £7.25 

45760 WARGAMING IN HISTORY: WATERLOO  / Grant, Charles Paperback, 1990, 111 pages. Excellent condition, minor shelf wear to cover corners. £4.50 

45761 AIRFIX MAGAZINE GUIDE 24 AMERICAN CIVIL WAR WARGAMING  / Wise, Terence Hardback, 1977, 64 pages. Sun fading to spine, small scuff to one cover corner. otherwise like new condition, clean and undamaged. £18.00 

45762 AIRFIX MAGAZINE GUIDE 28 - THE ENGLISH CIVIL WAR  / Gush & Windrow Hardcover, 1978, 64 pages. Very good condition, sun fading to spine but contents immaculate. £1.50 

45763 GENERALSHIP OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT  / Fuller, JFC Hardcover, 1991 reproduction including illustrations. 318 pages. Like new condition with light shelf scuffing to dustcover. Interior pristine. £15.00 


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