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H26073 BATTLEGROUP  TORCH Supplement  / - A general overview of the later North Africa campaign, from Gazala, through three battles at El Alamein to Operation Torch and the Allies’ attack into Tunisia £23.50 

H26074 FIRST WORLD WAR UNIFORMS: Lives Logistics and Legacy  in British Army Uniform Production  / Price-Rowe, C 240p. v well illus.  over 28 million pairs of trousers and 360 million yards of various cloth was manufactured for the British Army during WWI. A unique and very interesting study £21.50 

H26075 REFIGHTING HISTORY 5 ) MARLBOROUGH'S BIG FOUR- BLENHEIM, RAMILLES, OUDENARDE & MALPLAQUET  / Grant, Charles S The volumes in this series keep getting bigger!  184 pages of Orbats, wargaming the battles and uniforms. £35.00 

H26076 GREAT NORTHERN WAR SWEDISH INFANTRY FLAGS : 28mm  / - Venner Flags series. 10 Sets fo Flags. Bjoneborg; Dal; Kronoberg;  Osterbotten; Skaraborg; Narke Varmland; Ostra SKanska; Sodermanland £5.00 

H26077 ALL HONOUR IS LOST: Scenarios, Orders of Battle and Regulations for Wargames of the First Carlist War 1833-1840  / - - £25.00 


H26079 VALENTINE INFANTRY TANKS - 1/72nd PSC  / WW2V20028 post free is you spend over £20 £17.50 

H26080 WAR OF THE THREE KINGS: Late C17th wargames rules   / Barry Hilton latest edition of TO THE  LILY BANNERS. large format full glossy with uniforn & Flag details £29.50 

H26081 SAGA II : AGE OF CRUSADES  / - latest supplement to the 2nd edition  £29.50 

H26082 NEW MINIFIGS MODERN 10mm  / - MAV118 M1A2 TUSK armoured upgrade  MAV203 M1151 HMMV - Early Turret   MAV204 M1151 HMMV - Late Turret       TAIWANESE  TAV001 M48H-CM11  105mm (BRAVE TIGER)   TAV002 M41 SHEN JU  £0.00 


H26084 TACTICS MADE EASY  / Brig. Gen  Wiggen, Liuet. Col. Pollaert  Large format.HDBK 64p.  well illus, Explains the 'why' question of tactics to stimulate the commander's tactical way of thinking. Intended for commanders of combat units and anyone interested in the tactics of fighting units, this book clarifies modern military tactics based on general principles. £19.50 

H26085 Making Terrain and Buildings for Historical War Games  / Hall & Sutherland near mint pbk 1 only £37.50 


46486 Cromwell's Wars at Sea   / Barratt, John near mint HBK. civil and Dutch wars £10.00 

46487 CRISIS AT BIHAC: BOSNIA's BLOODY BATTLEFEILD  / O'shea near fine HBK. illus £8.50 

46488 Discovery of King Arthur  / Ashe near mint hbk. Revisd 2nd edition £5.00 

46489 Explorers and Colonies: America, 1500-1625  / QUinn, D near mint HDBK £13.50 

46490 Devil Knows How To Ride: The True Story of William Clarke Quantril and His Confederate Raiders  / lEWIS 523P. NEAR FINE PBK £11.00 

46491  Imperial Glory: The Bulletins of Napoleon's Grande Armee  / Markham, J 442p. 1805-1814. Superb military resource near mint HBK £13.50 

46492 FOX OF THE NORTH: THE LIFE OF GENERAL KUTUSOV  / Parkinson near mint hbk £6.00 

46493 Caesar's Gallic Triumph: Alesia 52BC  / Inker near mint HBK £5.00 

46494 Crusaders' Kingdom: European Colonialism in the Middle Ages  / Prawer, J 590p. near fine pbk £9.50 

46495 Last Frontier: The Roman Invasions of Scotland  / Kamm near fine pbk 173p.,  £10.00 

46496 Uniforms of the Retreat from Moscow, 1812   / haythornthwaite near fine hbk. Marked LIbrary of Joe Dever £15.00 

46497 BRITISH GRENADIER. DE LUXE HARDBACK ED  / - near mint, shelf wear  £22.50 

46498 PANZER GRENADIER DELUXE HARDBACK  / - near minty, tear to boyttom, of spine £25.00 

46499 ET SANS RESULTANT : THE COMPLETE PLAYER'S GUIDE  / - near mint Napoleonic rules from The Wargaming Factory £41.50 


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