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A few Goodies this week, including the first of our MAXIMILLIAN 1934 car range

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Please note that we shall NOT be attending the CAVALIER  this year

H25884 BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR 1805 : Cut out wargaming models  / FLORIAN RICHTER & PETER DENNIS - £11.00 

H25885 JACOBITE '45:  Paper wargames armies  / Peter Dennis latest in this terrific series £11.00 

H25886 CASTLE ASSAULT : Sieges, Battles & Rules  Edward I - Bannockburn  / Peter Dennis cut out castles and soldiers £11.00 

H25887 By Fire and Bayonet: Grey's West Indies Campaign of 1794  / Brown, S Mint HBk. 225p. well illus. Interesting account of the assaults £21.50 

H25888 Olmütz to Torgau: Horace St Paul and the Campaigns of the Austrian Army in the Seven Years War 1758-60  / St Paul & Neil Cogswell MInt HBK 700p. 2nd volume of the SYW memoirs.  £32.50 

H25889 M60A3  - Plastic Soldier Co.  15mm Cold war tank  / - Post free world wide £20.00 

H25890 BRADFORD BULLET : 28mm Weaponised Racing car for MAXIMILIAN 1934  / - a quarter of a kilo of Heavy metal, as resin is for wimps.  Solid body to save mucking about gluing and filling. Inc Driver,  Lewis gun, Cannon  and flamethrower £17.95 

H25891 CAMPAIGN : MARKET GARDEN - BOLT ACTION - WARLORD GAMES  / WARLORD GAMES SHIPPING NOW and scenarios for games set in the greatest airborne operation ever mounted. £16.50 


H25893 FORLRON HOPE: THE ROYAL DUBLIN FUSILIERS IN THE KAISER'S BATTLE MARCH 1918  / - 126p. mint pbk. v well illus. £14.50 




46239 WARS OF THE MACCABEES  / Grainger Mint HBk. Jewish war against The Seleucids and Romans £7.00 

46240 Italian Rapier Combat : Ridolfo Capo Ferro  Gran Simalcro  / - 150p. large for format facsimile edition near mint hbk £15.00 

46241 Napoleon and Berlin: The Napoleonic Wars in Prussia, 1813  / Michael Leggiere  P. back. Publ. 2002.368 pages. new.Lightly yellowed pages.Looks unread. £18.00 

46242 Muslim-Croat Civil War in Bosnia: A Military History, 1992-1994 (Eastern European Studies  / Charles R. Shrader H. back. Publ. 2003.223 pages. Illustr. in bl and wh. new.Looks unread. £30.00 

46243 Napoleon's Cavalry and Its Leaders  / David Johnson H. back. Publ. 1999.191 pages. Illustr. in bl and wh. new.Looks unread. £18.00 

46244 Medieval Kingdoms of Nubia: Pagans, Christians and Muslims along the Middle Nile: Pagans, Christians and Muslims on the Middle Nile   / Derek A. Welsby H. back. Publ. 2002.296 pages. Illustr. in colour and bl and wh.  Cond. new. Slight shelf wear. £38.00 

46245 Boer War  / Thomas Pakenham P. back. Publ. 2004 .659p. illus. near mint. Still the best single volume study £8.00 

46246 Battles for the Three Kingdoms: The Campaigns for England, Scotland and Ireland - 1689-92  / John Barratt H. back. Publ. 2007.212 pages. Illustr. in bl and wh.  Cond. like new.Looks mint. £4.00 

46247 Teutonic Knights  / Urban William P. back. Publ. 2017.290 pages. Illustr. in bl and wh. Cond. new. £11.00 

46248 Renegades: Hitler's Englishmen  /  Adrian Weale H. back. Publ. 1994.230 pages. Illustr. in bl and wh. new. £36.00 

46249 Adventures of Ibn Battuta: A Muslim Traveler of the Fourteenth Century  / Ross E Dunn P. back. Publ. 1989.357 pages. Illustr. in  bl and wh. Cond. like new. £24.00 

46250 Achtung Panzer!: The Development of Tank Warfare (CASSELL MILITARY PAPERBACKS)  / Heinz Guderian P. back. Publ. 2001.220 pages. Illustr. in  bl and wh. new. £6.00 

46251  Army, James II and the Glorious Revolution  / John Childs H. back. Publ. 1980.226 pages. Cond. very good. £48.50 

46252 Armies And Warfare In The Pike and Shot Era  / Donald Featherstone H. back. Publ. 1998.218 pages. Illustr. in bl and wh. new. £12.00 

46254 White Death: Russia's War on Finland 1939-40   / Edwards near mint hbk £6.50 

46255 Battle of Hastings: Sources and Interpretations  / Morillo near fine hbk £29.50 

46256 Khubilai Khan's Lost Fleet: History's Greatest Naval Disaster  / Delgado near mint HBK. 225p.l ill. THe facsinating true story behind the 1274 loss of the fleet to the Kamikaze £5.00 

46257 King Arthur's Round Table: An Archaeological Investigation  / Biddle 520p. near fine HBK  v well ill inc colour. Investigation of the  C13th WInchester table. Facsinating study. a lot of book for the money! £6.00 

46258 Knights Templar: A new history  / Bicholson near mint HBk.  well ill £10.00 

46259 Gods with Thunderbolts: Religion in Roman Britain   / De La Bedoyere Near mint hbk. illus £11.00 

46260 Military Life Under Napoleon: The Memoirs of Captain Elzear Blaze  / ELting (Trans) 210p near mint hbk. illus. Emperor's Press edition £12.50 

46262 Waterloo Companion: The Complete Guide to History's Most Famous Land Battle  / MARK ADKIN H. back. Publ. 2001.432 pages. Illustr. in colour, and bl and wh. throughout. Cond. like new. £56.00 

46263 Power and Profit: Hidden World of the: The Merchant in Medieval Europe  / Peter Spufford H. back. Publ. 2002.432 pages. Illustr. in colour and bl and wh. throughout. new. £46.50 

46264 Ancient People of the Arctic  / McGhee near fine pbk £13.50 

46264 ST. GEORGE   / Giles Morgan H. back. Publ. 2006.144 pages.  Cond. new. £3.00 

46265 Sieges of the English Civil War  / John Barratt H. back. Publ. 2009.195 pages. Illustr. in  bl and wh. Cond. new. £14.00 

46266 Waterloo Campaign  (Folio Society)  / de Chair, Somerset [ed.] Bonaparte Napoleon H. back. Publ. 1957.198 pages. Illustr. in bl and wh.  Cond. like new. £9.50 

46267 Memoirs of a Polish Lancer: The Pamietniki of Dezydery Chlapowski  / Dezydery Chlapowski H. back. Publ. 1992.158 pages. Illustr. in bl and wh. throughout. new. £11.00 

46268 William the Lion: 1143-1214: Kingship and Culture  / D.D.R. Owen H. back. Publ. 1997.218 pages. Illustr. in bl and wh. Cond. like new.Near mint. £24.95 

46269 Victoria's Wars: The Rise of Empire  /  Saul David H. back. Publ. 2006.503 pages. Illustr. in colour. Cond. like new. Near fine. £10.00 

46270 Roman War Machine  / John Peddie H. back. Publ. 1994.169 pages. Illustr. in bl. and wh. new.Slight shelfwear. £9.50 

46271 Second Barons' War: Simon De Montfort and the Battles of Lewes and Evesham  / John Sadler H. back. Publ. 2008.160 pages. Illustr. in bl and wh.  Cond. like new.Near fine. £12.50 

46272 Uniforms of the Peninsular War, 1807-1814   / Haythornthwaite near mint pbk.  63  colour plates  £25.00 

46273 WARS OF THE ROSES  / Royle near mint pbk £1.00 

46274 Roman Conquests: Macedonia and Greece  / Matyszak Mint hardback. 192p. ill £10.00 

46275 Roman Conquests: Italy   / Cowan near mint hbk £10.00 

46276 SS-Wiking: The History of the Fifth SS Division 1941-45  / Butler, Rupert near mint habk. well illus £11.00 

46277 Great Gamble: Nelson at Copenhagen  / Pope, Dudley 580p. near mint hardback £16.50 

46278 Rivers Of Gold: The Rise Of The Spanish Empire   / Hugh Thomas P.back. Publ. 2003.604 pages.Illustr. in colour. Cond. new.Like new. £16.20 

46279 Retreat from Kabul: The Catastrophic British Defeat in Afghanistan, 1842  / Patrick Macrory P.back. Publ. 2002.288 pages.Illustr. in  bl. and wh. Cond.Like new. Near mint. £23.00 

46280 Struggle For Power: American Revolution  / Theodore Draper H.back. Publ. 1996.544 pages.Illustr.  Cond. like new. £19.00 

46281 Robert E.Lee: A Biography  / Emory M Thomas H.back. Publ. 1995.472 pages.Illustr. in  bl. and wh.  Cond. very good externally/like new internally. £6.00 

46282 Brief History of the Normans: The Conquests that Changed the Face of Europe  / Francois Neveux (Author), & Howard Curtis P.back.  Cond. very good externally/like new internally. £3.00 

46283 Short History of the Papacy in the Middle Ages  / Walter Ullmann P.back. Publ. 2003.392 pages. new £17.00 

46285 Five Days from Defeat: How Britain Nearly Lost the First World War   / Walter Reid H.back. Publ. 2017.256 pages.Illustr. in  bl. and wh. Cond. new. £9.98 

46286 Reformation and Society in Sixteenth-Century Europe  / A. G. Dickens (Author),  P.back. Publ. 1996.216 pages.Illustr. in colour, bl. and wh. throughout. Cond.good. £5.00 

46287 Red Rose and the White: The Wars of the Roses, 1453-1487  / John Sadler H.back. Publ. 2010.307 pages.Illustr. in  bl. and wh. new. Near mint. £12.00 

46288 Medieval Crown of Aragon: A Short History  / Thomas N. Bisson P.back. Publ. 1991.238 pages. new. Near mint. £43.00 

46288 Medieval Crown of Aragon: A Short History  / Thomas N. Bisson P.back. Publ. 1991.238 pages. new. Near mint. £43.00 

46289 Merovingian Kingdoms 450-751  / Ian Wood P.back. Publ. 1994.395 pages.very good. £29.99 

46290 Starbuck Chronicles - Rebel & Copperhead Omnibus  / Bernard Cornwell  H.back. Publ. 1994.784 pages. new. Near mint. £18.00 

46291 Art of War  / Antoine Henri De Jomini  P.back. Publ. 1992.410 pages. new. Near fine. £9.50 

46292 Rising Sun And Tumbling Bear: Russia's War with Japan  / Richard Connaughton H.back. Publ. 2003.367 pages.Illustr. in  bl. and wh.  Cond. new.Mint. £10.05 


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